Mullahs not created for management!

Iranian famous civil activist, Mohammad Nourizad

[Iranian famous civil activist, Mohammad Nourizad, says the protests against Iranian regime will come to an end only when mullahs are not ruling the country any longer. And that is because they don’t know to manage the country.]

TV host: Nourizad, you are in Tehran and are following the issues closely. Many suggest this view – and the regime has also tried to disseminate and reflect this view in any possible ways – that the popular protests have come to an end and everyone has gone home. What is the reality? There are also experts who say that the roots of the issues are still there, and this is just like taking one’s breath for a new move.

Nourizad: Let me assure you that in so far as mullahs are ruling this country, there will be protests, and people will not have peace. In so far as mullahs are ruling…. My remarks must not be taken as an insult to the clerics.

My words don’t mean that I have any resentments [towards mullahs]. Why should I have any resentments? Mullahs are not created for management. They are not created for running a formation or an organization, or a city or a country. Absolutely not. Historically, mullahs have been created for getting easy money and talking.

Unfortunately, in our country, in so far as mullahs are at the top, [it will be the same]. Mullahs can be in their own positions and be respectable. But because of they are unworthy, and because of numerous crimes that they have committed as a result of being unworthy, these protests will continue.

These protests existed before in the form of defrauded people, teachers, workers, and students. Then it took the shape of an outpouring, but people could take the charge. Yet it was to no avail. For 10 days, it swept 50 or 70 cities. Yes, it has subsided and is over for now, but it is a fire that is boiling.

And the direction of this boiling is eliminating mullah’s regime. And it is because mullahs have blocked people’s breathing. Believe me, I never say these things out of prejudice and my words aren’t just slogans. This is the reality of mullahs: the fact that they don’t know how to run or manage or control even small sector. They even have problems in their own families.

Therefore, these hatreds, anger, stealing, corruptions are all outcomes of this group that have gathered around the leader [Ali Khamenei], and they organize these huge corruptions. And these protests will continue in so far as they and IRGC commanders exist.