Iran, Pakistan sign agreement for border cooperation

[A state-run TV report about border guards of Iran and Pakistan signing an agreement for cooperation.]

Reporter: Agreement of cooperation between border guards of Iran and Pakistan. This agreement was signed during the trip of border guards’ delegation of Pakistan’s Baluchistan to Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan.

Commander of Border Guards of Sistan and Baluchistan: We reached good agreements with regard to more cooperations, confronting terrorism, common measures between the two countries for creating secure borders and confronting any moves and insecurities, drug traffickers and border trespassers.

Reporter: In this trip, Major General Tareq Aman, chief inspector of border forces of Pakistan’s Baluchistan, called the border of Iran and Pakistan the ‘border of peace and friendship’, adding:

Major General Tareq Aman: The goal of this trip to Sistan and Baluchistan is to make sure about this border of peace and friendship, as well as friendly relations between the two countries.

As for border problems that exist, we have reached very positive agreements.

Reporter: Also, governor of Sistan and Baluchistan met with border guards’ delegation of Pakistan’s Baluchistan and said that economic and social developments and providing security are two characteristics of neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan, and the capacity of the border must be used to realize this goal.