Regime intelligence techniques of ordeal!

Iranian woman named Lian Darwish recounting the traumatic details of how she was attacked and arrested by intelligence services affiliated to IRGC

In this clip, a brave Iranian woman named Lian Darwish risks arrest and imprisonment by the regime for recounting the traumatic details of how she was attacked earlier in January by agents of the so-called Islamic Republic’s intelligence services, who broke down the door of her home before detaining her and subjecting her to brutal interrogation and threats, as well as making slanderous accusations against her, in retaliation for her attending peaceful protests.

“Peace be upon you. I am Lian Darwish, who was arrested by the intelligence services affiliated to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps [IRGC] intelligence service on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

The intelligence services entered my home because I was attending the protest rallies. They warned me to open the door of my house to them, but I didn’t open it. As a result they broke down the door of my house and entered, but they didn’t have a judicial warrant because when they interrogated me they told me that I should not mention or say that they broke down the door of my house; they told me if I didn’t mention this issue in my interrogation interview document ‘then we’ll cooperate with you.’

They put me under a lot of pressure and cast slanders of being irreligious at me because I had personal photos on my mobile phone; they were photos in which I’d taken off my hijab during my trip to the north of the country because I’m against the compulsory hijab. I’m calling for freedom – the man was born free and should live freely, and nobody has the right to invade someone’s privacy.

The intelligence officers even told me that they’d post my photos on social media sites and groups, asking me why I took pictures without the hijab on. They’ve printed out all the conversations [from the phone text messages] that I had with my family and other people. Nevertheless, they didn’t have the right to do so because these are my private and personal business. They searched through the printouts of these phone conversations to find something to use against me and then added dozens of other accusations.

We, Iranian people, want a referendum. We don’t want much – this referendum is part of our citizenship rights. We have the right to be involved in the fate of Iran. Just like on Election Day when the government wants the people to participate, now we want a referendum. We are against the Islamic Republic of Iran and we are calling for a referendum. I call on the international community to reach out to the Iranian people. I desperately plead this request from international organizations and from the international community, from the United States and from all other countries, to help us, the people of Iran. Thank you. Long live Iran.”