Officials must listen to people!

Iranian TV host Reza Rashidpour

[Following the popular protests in Iran, Iranian famous TV host Reza Rashidpour is criticizing Iranian officials for not listening to Iranian people and their problems. In these protests, many were killed and arrested by law enforcement forces.]

Rashidpour: I want to ask a question from respectful officials regarding people’s demands, and I will refer to remarks of Dr. Aref – respectful head of [reformist] Omid Fraction in the parliament who had most of the votes from people of Tehran for going to the Parliament. He has said that it is people’s right to follow up their demands through legal channels. 0:29

Dr. Aref, many times the retirees, teachers and those who had problems with financial credit institutions or anyone who for some reasons felt his/her rights are forfeited in a factory, in a complex, or in a ministry, gathered quietly and peacefully by the Parliament’s building so that MPs would listen to their words. 1:01

Let me ask you yourself if you have ever stopped and got off your car to listen to people’s words? Because most of the time only by listening to people, a major part of problems will be resolved. And now that you rightfully emphasize on realizing people’s rights through legal channels – which is absolutely correct – if only we would stop our cars, get out of our cars and would listen to people’s problems so that they would know that there are people who listen to them. 1:45