Protesters are ‘anti-revolutionaries’ and criminals!

Ghollam Hussein Mohsen-Ejei’I, Iran’s First vice Chief Justice

Another senior official of the Iranian regime judiciary has labeled the anti-regime protests across the country as an insurgency by “anti-revolutionary groups”, further asserting that protesters shot dead by regime security forces were actually killed by unidentified “sedionists” for unexplained reasons.

In a live press conference broadcast on an official regime-run TV station, Ghollam Hussein Mohsen-Ejei’I, Iran’s First Vice Chief Justice, said, “Unfortunately, some of our security forces in Tehran and outside Tehran were involved in clashes with anti-revolutionary groups and were martyred. A total of 25 protesters were killed on the street; what’s certain is that those people were killed not by the bullets and weapons of the military forces and law enforcement forces, meaning that the weapons that were in the possession of the security forces or the police [were not used] – as has been emphasized they would not shoot as long as the people were involved. They also did not have weapons in many locations.”