Khamenei whitewash his regime’s failures by U.S. slips!

Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei

[Following the popular protests in Iran, Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei is pointing to some statistic from the U.S. and Britain to justify his own regime’s brutal confrontations with Iranian protesters. In these protests, more than 20 people were killed and more than 3,700 people were arrested. Several detainees were reportedly killed in prisons.]

Ali Khamenei: He says Iranian people are hungry and need foods. In America, according to their own statistics, 50 million people are hungry and in need of their daily bread. Then they say Iranian people [are hungry]. Iranian people are living with dignity and honor. And God willing and with God’s help, it will become better day by day, and their economic problems, much to your dismay, will be removed.

He expresses concerns about treating the protesters, saying that ‘we don’t know [what Iranian regime] does with protesters’. Aren’t you ashamed? In one year, your police killed 800 of your people. Your own people! In a country, the police that protects people’s security has killed 800 people.

In the case of Occupy Wall Street movement, you acted against people, kicked them and beat them as much as you could. Based on suspicion, you killed people. A woman was driving a car when police became suspicious and killed the women right in front of her little child.

These incidents took place in America successively. As for Britain. Officials of evil Britain too expressed concerns [about protests in Iran]. The British judge, in the case of attacking Muslims that took place recently and Muslims, defended themselves, issued a verdict that if somebody –meaning a Muslim – picks up a piece of stone but doesn’t throw it, he will be sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. It he throws it, he will be sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.

This is your judge! Those people who sometimes see court judgments in Hollywood movies – in which the judge said this and did that – and think that judiciary systems in the west are like that, should listen to these remarks. If you pick up the stone and don’t throw it, you will be sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. (This was the British judge verdict.)

If you throw it, then 7 years of imprisonment. If you make Molotov cocktail, pick it up but don’t throw it, then 7 years of imprisonment. But if you throw it, then 15 years of imprisonment. That is how they act. Then these people sympathize with protesters in Iran, so that they are not treated unfairly.

Their ultimate goal is obvious. America’s ultimate goal – of course, America’s previous administration didn’t say it, but it was their goal too – is overthrowing the Islamic Republic. The previous administration insisted that ‘we recognize the Islamic Republic’ and they wrote several letters to me, repeating that they recognized the Islamic Republic. But we could see – with open eyes, one could see – that their behaviors were subversive.

Now they [U.S. new administration] are saying it openly and without any considerations that ‘we should overthrow the Islamic Republic’. This is their goal. By what means? Pay close attention here. By taking the means of national authority from the Islamic Republic. The national authority has its own means. One of the most important means of national authority is people’s emotion and public opinion.