Sanchi tragedy, is regime responsible?

Iranian families angry at loss of life onboard Sanchi oil tanker

The families of the 30 Iranian crew members aboard the oil tanker Sanchi who lost their lives in a horrific accident on January 6 when a fire broke out on the vessel after it collided with a freighter off China’s coast, burning for a week before it sank, have stated that they hold the regime responsible for their loved ones’ deaths, rejecting regime officials’ account of events, and demanding that the regime take the necessary action to recover and identify the crew members’ bodies and return them to the families in order to reduce their suffering

In this footage, the still-traumatized widow of one of the deceased crew members holds back tears as she says, “My minimum right is that – if my husband is dead which I don’t believe – I want his body back. Where was the rescue boat? I am not unknowledgeable; perhaps regime officials can try explaining the cause to uninformed people, but not me, nobody can do so. I must know where is that rescue boat? The animation they showed me about how the ship was sunk might be accepted by those people who’ve never seen a ship in their lives. I don’t accept this animation. Where’s the ship’s crew? Why aren’t the officials conducting interviews to find out where the Chinese vessel is? How come this ship took eight days to burn and didn’t sink with the initial blast of the explosion?”