The dysfunctional regime!

An Iranian lawmaker is slamming Iranian officials for their inefficiencies.

Iranian lawmaker: 3 years ago, the respectful labor minister, in a dramatic move, started the executive operation of the Hamadan refinery. They came with a bulldozer, sat in it and said ‘I will start like a bulldozer so that it moves quickly.’ 3 days later, the bulldozer stopped. And it has been 3 years and it was just a show for deceiving people. Every day, 1000 fuel tankers enter Iran from Iraq. With these tankers come weapons, come 1000 or 2000 or 50,000 liters of alcoholic drinks. Some are doing rent-seeking. Intelligence minister says, ‘I don’t know about it.’ Interior minister says, ‘I don’t know about it.’ Defense minister says, ‘I don’t know about it.’ Then who knows anything about these things in the country?