Who killed detainees in prison?


Ghollam Hussein Mohsen-Ejei’I, Iran’s First vice Chief Justice

[Following the popular protests in many cities of Iran, more than 3,700 people were arrested, and several of detainees lost their lives in prisons. Iran’s First Vice Chief Justice, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje’i denies any responsibilities of the judiciary branch in this regard, claiming that all these people were addicts and had committed suicide.]

Mohseni Eje’i: One individual killed himself in the police station. This individual had not been transferred to the prison yet. And according to the law enforcement, he was an addict with a criminal record in Arak. He had been carrying some drug and had committed suicide at the police station. Naturally, a case has been launched in Arak’s judiciary system, and it is being investigated to see exactly what has happened.

But this individual had not been transferred to the prison at all. Another person was arrested in relation to recent unrests. He was in Evin Prison, and he too committed suicide in the bathroom. Now according to the investigations and the film footage which exists – from those parts which are filmed, and all parts have been recorded – he too had gone to the bathroom and killed himself there.

He too had had a record of addiction and had been about 21 years old. In first days, it was announced that he was a university student. But no, he wasn’t a student. He was an addict. He committed suicide, and a case has been launched for him and it’s being investigated.