People’s distrust is beginning of regime’s collapse!

[In this footage, Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Supreme National Security Council of Iran, is talking about how people’s distrusting the regime is the beginning of its collapse. He also says the issue of financial corruption in Iran can increase people’s distrust.]

Ali Shamkhani: America cannot overthrow our revolution, as they have attempted since the beginning of the revolution, but failed. However, they can make people distrust the regime, and that is the beginning of our collapse. And one of the pillars of this [collapse] is the issue of financial corruption. No mercy should be shown to anybody with any title under any circumstances. But it should be announced when that person is convicted. Not that we first announce it and then we go to deal with it.

Ali Shamkhani: In the country, there are no threats against any officials of Iran. They cannot assassinate us, as we have strong security agencies, strong law enforcement and strong IRGC. Why should we be scared? We must remove the issue of protecting famous figures. It is not protecting figures. It is formalities for these figures, it is prestigious for this figure. I go to mosque, I go mountain climbing, I go to parks, I ride with metro, and I haven’t had any problems.