Brussel meeting, Succeeded or Failed!

[On January 11, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif talks to Iranian reporters about his meeting with three foreign ministers of EU countries. U.S. President Donald Trump later waived sanctions on Iran for 4 months for the “last time”, unless an agreement can be reached between the U.S. and Europe that would strengthen the nuclear deals.]

Mohammad Javad Zarif: Let me say hello to your dear audience. What was quite obvious in yesterday’s and today’s meetings was the unanimous consensus of the international community over the fact that any move leading to the destruction of JCPOA [the nuclear deal] or any changes in the JCPOA is unacceptable. And international community will confront it. Yesterday, in Russia, the view of Russian Federation and its foreign minister were clearly expressed in this regard. Today all three EU countries that were negotiating with us, in addition to Mrs. Mogherini, emphasized that they will do their best to guarantee that Iran will enjoy all the benefits of the JCPOA – both until the time when the U.S. must take this step and particularly after the U.S. extends the suspension of sanctions, as it has committed to do in the JCPOA. EU has also committed itself to increase its measures to guarantee that Iranian people would obtain the economic benefits of the JCPOA. There were discussions about some methods – particularly the methods for overcoming banking restrictions. As you know and as you noticed in the interview they themselves had, they emphasized that Iran has been committed to the JCPOA, and this commitment must be certified only by International Atomic Energy Agency – as it has confirmed this commitment many times. Also, Iran is entitled to enjoy all its benefits. And we told them that for Iran to stay committed to the JCPOA, it is necessary that all including the U.S. stay completely committed to and implement the JCPOA. And it is necessary that EU, in addition to open and verbal support of the JCPOA, boosts its measures in practice as well, so that people can benefit from the JCPOA. In my opinion, a unified, consolidated message has been conveyed, and we should wait and see its results. As we have said it many times, the Islamic Republic has shown its commitment to its international obligations, but at the same time, it has shown that it has many options, and these options are most certainly for preserving Iranian people’s interests.

Reporter: Doctor Zarif, can you explain about Boris Johnson’s tweet?

Mohammad Javad Zarif: We had a short talk about issues we had discussed before – partly about bilateral relations including consulate issues and other matters between the two countries. And particularly we talked about what Britain should do to end the conflict in Bahrain and to end the war in Yemen. We hope that the British government will take the necessary measures.