Iranian people hate mullahs, IRGC commanders!

[Iranian activist Mohammad Nourizad is shedding light on recent unrests, seeing it as the result of people’s hatred for ‘ruling mullahs’ and ‘IRGC commanders’.]

Mohammad Nourizad: What is happening in our society is the outpouring of people’s anger who hate mullahs and IRGC commanders. This anger will not subside until people sort things out for themselves with mullahs and IRGC commanders. Here I should tell IRGC commanders, Basijis, security forces, and the law enforcement that people are observing any event that might hurt people, and someday it will certainly be used against them. These people are angry, these people are furious. The anger of this people cannot be called as if a group have come from outside the country, and are leading people to take to streets and chant harsh slogans. These people are angry. And if we add up all this anger, the average is what I said. And it is the fact that people hate mullahs – the ruling mullahs who beat, kill and steal without considering a little share for the people. They hate IRGC commanders. And this is the hatred of people for IRGC commanders and ruling mullahs that is being manifested as such. And in so far as they are in power, this anger will remain. The people’s uprising might be subsided by restrictions that you create, by filtering Telegram messenger or slowing down the internet so that people can inform each other. But you cannot subside the people’s hatred, saying that these people call for this regime or want this process to continue, or saying that a certain group is guiding them from outside the country. No, these people have felt this hatred with their whole beings. People’s 40-year-old hatred has resulted in taking to streets and showing their anger like this. And let me say it to ruling mullahs and IRGC commanders, in so far as you are in power this hatred will remain. And if this people’s anger is subsided somehow and whatever the outcome may be, right now about 10 – 12 people have been martyred, and their blood will not be wasted. It will haunt you. I consider the leader responsible, I consider the head of the judiciary system responsible, I consider each and every one of MPs responsible. And all statesmen are responsible for this hatred that exists in people. And in so far as they –mullahs and IRGC commanders – are in power, this hatred will continue to exist. People might go back to their home, but the hatred that is created in them will go home with them. And be sure that it will come out in another form someday in future, and will haunt you. Your best option is to determine people’s share in the state. And it will not be possible, unless by holding a referendum so that people can sort out things with you.