Khamenei VS Ahmadinejad, harsh confrontation!

[Ali Khamenei is making criticisms against the former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Recently Ahmadinejad has tried to pose himself and his team as opposition, by criticizing the Iranian judiciary system and Chief Justice Sadegh Larijani for corruption and inequality.]

Ali Khamenei: You make the enemies happy against the people and against the ‘Islamic’ regime, at the price of making people and new, young generation hopeless. Particularly those who had all management facilities either today or yesterday. It makes no difference. One can see that either today they are in charge of all management facilities, or yesterday they were in charge of all management facilities. And then they pose themselves as so-called opposition. Those who are or were in charge of the country do not have the right to talk against the country. They must be accountable. Instead of being accountable, they play the role of the claimant and talk against this or that. That is not acceptable. People will not accept it. Well, someone might think that he can influence the people. No. People are aware and understand. And they will not accept this condition.