Khamenei: burden of high prices on the poor

[In his Friday Mass Prayer’s speech in the beginning of the revolution, Khamenei defends the poor, while criticizing the rich.]

Ali Khamenei: These gatherings are created by these people [poor people]. These demonstrations are created by these people. The burden of high prices is on their shoulders. Those who take money from treasury [Bayt al-mal] would not know anything about high prices. And when they say, “people, don’t consume too much, so that the prices go down”, then again, these are the people who spend less. Those [who have money] increase their consumption on daily basis. Unemployment is for these people, high prices are for these people, difficulties are for these people. Economic siege directly harms the majority of the people. Then at the end, the country’s nobodies would pay their money to this or that official and laugh at the revolution and these people who lost their lives and gave their blood for the revolution. Is this tolerable?

[God is great!]