“Stop voting for these deceitful politicians!”


[The cleric is slamming the Iranian officials for their corruption, inefficiency and political differences which have led to a miserable condition in Iran.]

Cleric: You come out of sports and go to the religious people, and it is worse than sports. From those in sports and religion you go to politicians, and it is a disaster! So much embezzlement! Only if they were fighting over people! Unfortunately, these politicians are fighting over power!

These groups call each other thieves. And how miserable we people are who have to repeat our mistake every 4 years [by voting in presidential or parliamentarian elections]. In these 37-38 years since the revolution, the country has been ruled either by the left or the right. And you want to vote for them again? What have they done for the country during these years? They keep fighting with each other. Should we be deceived? Are you going to be tricked again? No, don’t vote for either the left or the right. Some are acting ethnically. Lors say, ‘we are Lor, so we will vote for Lor [candidates]’. ‘We are Turks, so we will vote for Turk [candidates]’. It is not about being Lor or being Turk. You should send someone to the parliament to save the country. Send someone reasonable. He shouldn’t be from Kerman. There is no difference between being from Kerman and Isfahan. You should vote for someone who deserves it, who is intelligent, who is an expert and can save this country. How much have these politicians have deceived us during these years? Which problem have they solved except thinking about their own party and gangs? You people, how many times will you be deceived? Our politicians are not trustworthy! If they were, our country wouldn’t be in such a condition, this wouldn’t be our economy, this wouldn’t be the condition of our prisons, this wouldn’t be the rate of divorce in the country, there wouldn’t be poverty in our society. If they had spent the money on the country, then every street would have been covered with gold. Isn’t Iran wealthy, with all these mines, with all these assets? Where does all this money go? Where is it spent? Where does it go? These differences [between political factions] have made this country miserable, and have made the people poor. And as soon as you talk, they will brand you with a thousand labels. Damn the counter-revolutionary but damn the liars too! Damn the irreligious politicians! Damn those who wouldn’t save the country! Damn not just the counter-revolutionaries, but those officials who will not take any steps [to save the country] as well. So many factories are shutting down, and so many workers are jobless. Your differences have made people miserable! Because of your differences, married women prostitute themselves. Your differences have made people miserable. You played with people’s hope. You played with people’s religion. Stop it.