The USA is orchestrating ‘unimportant’ protests!

The Iranian regime leadership’s increasingly desperate efforts to deflect the blame for public anger during the anti-regime protests across Iran are once again obvious in this speech delivered by the country’s president, Hassan Rouhani, at the parliament in Tehran on January 3, 2018.

In the speech to members of the specialist parliamentary committees, Rouhani accuses the regime’s customary scapegoats, the USA and Israel, of being behind the anti-regime demonstrations which have taken place across the country, suggesting that the two nations had incited the protest against the theocratic regime in Iran due to resentment of its regional “success”. He then suggests that the protests are so insignificant and limited that they are “of no importance” anyway.

Addressing the parliamentary committee heads in his speech, Rouhani said, “A series of successes have angered our enemy; for example, our unity was a shot in their eye, and our progress was unbearable for them. Our success in the world of politics against the United States and the Zionist regime was unbearable for them. Do you expect them not to incite a number of people inside the country to retaliate against the regime? Well, we should have prepared ourselves for such events; it is clear, as they explicitly said, that they would transfer this problem [the battle] into Tehran, because they said so with their own mouths, and this isn’t our analysis. Of course our nation will overcome these problems, although there are some people who have taken a number of [illegal] actions and raised slogans against the law, contrary to the will of the protesters and have insulted sacred things such as the values of the [1979] revolution, and have sabotaged public property; such people are a minority, a small group that exists in a few cities. Our nation will gather these groups [implying that the regime intends to eradicate the protesters with a violent crackdown]. Our great nation has witnessed these events and they are of no importance, and the Iranian people will overcome them.”