Clerics’ doubts about causes of earthquakes!

[This footage is a selection of what the clerics in Iran said about what causes the earthquakes, mostly repeating what was said about this natural phenomenon in the middle ages. Recently, there have been many strong earthquakes in different parts of Iran, including a magnitude 7.3 in western Iran which killed several hundred people.]

–When adultery increases, there are more earthquakes.

–They showed me pictures of women beside this dry river. With these things they are doing, they will dry the rest of the river as well.

–How much they are looking at ‘na-mahrams’ [strangers]! That is why earthquake happens.

–Those who suffer in a catastrophe and are tested, they are lessons for the rest. And those whose dear ones have suffered in this incident should not expect any help from people, the government and others.

–Drunkards, gamblers, women with bad hijab, the drought in this country is on you!

–The origin of the earthquake in these traditions that I am going to read to you is sin. There is a vein in the earth, and whenever God wills to send torture to a place, He tells one of the angels to go and move that vein.