“Iran will pursue martyrdom for global conquest”


In this interview broadcast on Iranian state TV, a senior Iranian army commander who led the country’s forces in the Iran-Iraq War of 1980-88 brags that the regime and its sectarian theocratic ideology now have massive power, adding that Iranian forces will continue to seek martyrdom in pursuit of expansion and conquest on a global scale.

The officer, Saeed Ghassemi, tells the interviewer, “The scope of the Iranian Revolution is now much greater than in the past. Now, as a result of the current situation that brought about the Shiite Crescent, it has dominated the world. We – the Iranian regime – are in excellent condition in the region; there is no day that our name is not mentioned in the White House and other places, yet they have reimposed crippling sanctions which are unprecedented.” 

“Rajab Safarov [Director of Russia’s Centre for Iranian Studies in Moscow] was speaking last night on a Russian TV channel with Nader Talebzadeh [Iranian film director/producer], and said one sentence that I myself am still astounded at, which was how you [the Iranian regime] has survived as the representative of the Eastern Empire [as a result of the sanctions] despite the fact that if such sanctions were imposed on Russia, we would be destroyed; he’s saying that and admitting it.” 

“So, we are very hopeful, as the leader said; we see the horizon [future] as being very bright despite all the pressures, but our horizon is very bright, and we will continue on this path, and we will be martyred on this path which for us is considered to be a victory or we will overcome the obstacles one after another and will continue new conquests on the ground, and our conquests will also be accomplished and managed through our cultural and intellectual doctrine, and inshallah [God willing] throughout the world we will spread our word which is the word of God and the word of Hussein the son of Ali, and we will plant our flag there.”