Anti-regime protesters want transparency, legal clarification only!

In this speech from January 3, 2018, addressing ministers in his government, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani suggested, implausibly, that protesters at the recent anti-regime demonstrations across Iran simply want less corruption, greater government transparency and more clarification of legal issues.

Rouhani told the ministers, “People’s criticism is not just about an economy, The people are speaking   about corruption, People are talking about transparency; they say that issues should be transparent, People want the issues in legal areas – in the executive and in the judicial fields – to be clarified, as well as in other parts of the country to be clearly explained, so that they can judge accurately. It is negligent to blame all the criticisms of the people on the executive administration in the media, People have criticism that says, ‘Why not be must fight against corruption more seriously?’  People have criticisms, [saying] that issues must be explained to them and are asking why they aren’t well explained.”