Larijani orders killing protesters!

 [Iran’s head of the judiciary, Sadegh Larijani, is ordering the law enforcement forces to confront Iranian protesters. In this confrontation, many were killed and thousands of people were arrested.]

Sadegh Larijani: What I am saying is not something that the police and law enforcement of judiciary system should be patient with. Here, I do ask all prosecutors in the country to investigate this issue with attention and subtlety. Those who have rightful demands must be guided through legal channels, and those who do sabotages, riots and set fire to public places and public vehicles and people’s belongings must be confronted. And it must be a decisive confrontation. There must be order in the country. They must know that Iranian people are wise and follow the supreme leader’s line. Wherever the issue is the security of the country, they are present in the scene, and will not allow the interference of foreigners. The more they blow into this fire, the stronger the people will become, and will vehemently defend their revolution and their revolutionary values.