Iranian regime’s lies and looting of the people’s wealth

An angry Iranian woman attending one of the recent brutally crushed protests against the regime lambasts Iran’s theocratic leadership for its false piety and hypocrisy, saying that the regime has stolen the people’s rights and resources, and robbed them of everything

The despairing protester says, “They empty people’s pockets. In the name of God, they go to pulpits [to preach], but just give slogans. They scare ordinary people from the fire of Hell, but they themselves steal people’s rights. They steal people’s properties, orphans’ properties, the elderly’s properties. They have looted our people. They took away our treasure [from] underneath us.  They took away the oil, the gas, the water.  They sold everything and stole [the people’s] money. And we did not say anything. For 40 years we were patient.  And now it has been a couple of years that they’ve started to empty people’s pockets in broad daylight. And again our objections are useless. Who should [we] tell?  Therefore, this is not an Islamic country. People, know that this is not an Islamic country. Islam is across the border. And its slogan is for inside the border.  Inside the border, it is only looting.”