“Mullahs are not on the people’s side!”



This footage from one of the anti-regime protests in Iran shows demonstrators, ordinary Iranians, surrounding the regime police officers, expressing their frustration at the leaders and their reason for protesting.  Showing that the disillusionment with the regime has spread beyond the protesters, one of the policemen asserts that the Mullahs who lead the theocratic regime are not on side of the people and simply act as the country’s owners.

“We just say that they should do something for the youth”, a protester tells the officers.

One of them, off camera, responds, “Now, do you say I’ll be censored?”

“Yes”, answers the protester.

Asking for his face not to be filmed, the policeman says, “No, I say, don’t show us.”

Addressing other demonstrators, the protester states, “He says, when you talk about your problems it will be censored.”

Another protester then addresses the policeman, saying, “I’m in charge of this group,” telling him, “It is important that you say it.”

The policeman off camera answers, “The freedom [of] expression is important. It is important that you can talk. The fact that the Officer [gesturing to his colleague] is one of us is important.”

The protester lauds the policeman, saying, “Well done,” adding of the policeman’s colleague, “He is one of us” (one of the people).

The policeman in camera-shot then states, “Even those in the government are on our side.”

At this, a protester off-camera disagrees, saying, “If they were on our side, when you were a veteran they wouldn’t discontinue [your benefits] as soon as they didn’t need you any longer.”

The policeman responds: “My father is a veteran. If I want to talk, I have much more than you to say.”

Another protester states of the policeman speaking, “He is one of us.”

The policeman then criticizes the clerical leadership, saying, “The Mullahs are none of us! Mullahs are not on our side. Here the country belongs to the Mullahs!”