Protesters will be confronted “at the right time!”

In this footage from a press conference held in Tehran on Sunday, January 8, 2018, about the recent anti-regime protests across the country, Iranian interior minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli warns of the upcoming regime “confrontations” with the demonstrators “at the right time”.

‘To us, all those who have entered the scene, and those who provoked and instigated [people] from behind the scenes, all communications and relations, and those who used cyberspace to promote violence are completely known, the minister says, adding, “And certainly there will be necessary confrontations with them at the right time.”

But we will not allow our society to suffer from instability and insecurity. Because as you saw in the past couple of days (and this is very interesting), those [who] do not trust their people even a little bit, those in the region who are not elected by their own people, those who have not included their own people’s participation in the process of decision-making in their own governments, claim that they are supporting people and their rights. And on top of them is the occupying regime [Israel] and the reactionary regimes of the region, and in the international community it is the U.S. And they happily imagine certain scenes in their own defective minds as if something has happened in Iran that can make them happy and cheerful. They don’t know these people. These days, Saudi media haven’t been idle, and have started an extensive propaganda for suggesting widespread uprising throughout Iran.”