The demand for Iranian regime accountability

Speaking during the recent anti-regime protests that broke out across Iran, this despairing Iranian woman lambasts Iran’s theocratic leadership, condemning its false piety and saying that it must be accountable for her misery and for its squandering of Iran’s vast wealth. She asks how it is that the people of an oil-rich country with gold and diamond mines can be so desperately poor that women are forced to prostitute themselves for 50,000 Tomans – around the US $1.50 – simply to survive.

“Even if you have prayed for all your life, you have to be accountable to me,” she states, addressing the regime. “You have to be accountable for all my miseries. You have to be accountable for all my sufferings in an oil-rich country. In a country that has many mines.  What do Arabs have but oil? But their women have security. But with all this oil and gas, what do Iranian men and women have? What do they have?

We have gold mines, diamond mines and everything else. We have them all. We shouldn’t be forced to sell our honor [prostitute ourselves] for 50,000 Tomans here and there. Our female university students shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves. That is the problem.”