Shirin Ebadi calls for civil disobedience

In this speech from January 3, 2018 addressing the people of her homeland Iran about the anti-regime protests across the country, Shirin Ebadi, the distinguished Iranian lawyer, dissident and Nobel Peace laureate now living in exile in Britain, urges Iranians to participate in civil disobedience through peaceful means such as holding demonstrations, refusing to pay for utilities and taking their money out of the country’s banks.

In her speech, she says, “Taking to streets and peaceful protests are your rights and [Iran’s] constitution recognizes it. It has been 38 years that [the] Iranian establishment has not listened to you. Now it is your turn not to listen to [the] establishment’s words. In the first place, stop paying for water, electricity, and gas. If you have any money in banks, withdraw it. Thus, show the establishment that you don’t trust it. You should bring the establishment down to its knees economically, so that it is forced to listen to your legitimate, rightful words, and give your rights. It is your right to have a better life.”

In 2003, Ebadi became the first Muslim ever to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to promote human rights, in particular, the rights of women, children, and political prisoners in Iran.