Iran’s public protests are a sinister plot!

In this speech from January 2 2018 on the protests, which have risen up across Iran against the Iranian regime, the Supreme Leader Khamenei suggests that the demonstrations across the nation are part of a sinister plot against the ‘Islamic Republic’, adding that he will address the people about the subject in more detail “when the time is right.”

In this footage from Iran, the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says, “The enemy is lurking, waiting [for] an opportunity, a loophole to penetrate through. Look at the incidents in the past few days! All those who are against Iran, those with cash, politics, weapons and intelligence apparatus, they join hands so they may be able to create troubles for the Islamic establishment or the ‘Islamic Republic.’

I have things to tell the people about the recent issues. I will talk to the people regarding these issues God willing when the time is right.”