Khamenei Basiji arm!

[An Iranian woman slams Ali Khamenei for giving the Basijis the right to shoot at people. Khamenei had previously announced ‘fire at will’ to Basijis and other forces of the regime.]

–Mr. Khamenei, when 40 days ago you said ‘fire at will’, they were emboldened. And each Basiji, with no good reason, has taken a firearm and fired at people. This was not by the order of the commander, nor by any higher authorities, nor by any other place. A Basiji has done this with no good reason, just because Khamenei has said ‘fire at will’. What does that mean? It means that each Basiji can shoot people at his own will. This is happening all over the country. It is fire at will. He [Khamenei] should fix this so that Basijis stop doing this. A Basiji has started shooting people – without command, without announcing, without anyone telling him. It is like I tell you to go and break people’s windows.