Earthquake: natural causes or superstition?

[Following the recent earthquake in Tehran, the famous Iranian seismologist, Bahram Akasheh, insists on calling it a natural phenomenon, while denying any superstitious remarks as to what causes it.]

Bahram Akasheh: 2000 years ago, it was imagined that the earth is on the horn of a bull, and when the bull gets tired, he throws it on the other horn, so the earthquake happens. Now after 2000, it is still believed that it is decided in heavens.

–They are looking at ‘na-mahram’ [strangers] now a lot! That is why the earthquake happens.

Bahram Akasheh: The earthquake is inside the earth. It will take a long time to make this belief public.

–When adultery spreads, there will be more earthquakes.

Bahram Akasheh: When more than 80% of our country is prone to earthquake, the earthquake will happen, and there is nothing divine about it.

–What I recommend for an earthquake or any other disaster is to give alms both in the mornings and at nights.

Bahram Akasheh: Fear means preparation for the future, but superstition is a bad thing. Wherever earthquake happens, it will happen again. There is no doubt about that.

-The truth is that those who experience a disaster or are tested, they are lessons for the rest of us. With paying alms and doing good things, we can prevent these disasters. They are divine tests.

Bahram Akasheh: I do believe that Tehran will be one day destroyed. I do believe in that.

TV host: The most creditable person in Iran’s seismology is clearly saying that it is wrong to predict, to create superstition, and agitating the public opinion with regard to the earthquake.

Bahram Akasheh: Right now, if a magnitude 7 earthquake happens in Tehran, I do believe that at least 7 million people will lose their lives. Earthquake is a phenomenon inside the earth. It is not a divine thing and has nothing to do with jinn and fairies.