The basis of Khamenei’s fear of U.S.

[In this footage, Iranian leader Ali Khamenei and former nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili talk of their distrust towards the U.S. in the nuclear issue.]

  Khamenei (May 28, 2003) asserts: One of their plans is not to say the last word first. Gradually, they will create more demands, making the other side to retreat. As soon as you retreat, there is another demand. Now some people say, ‘we should give something, and get something.’ The giving part is right, but not the getting part. They won’t give anything. You retreat one step and recognize this or that unlawful government. Then the same pressures and the same threats. As soon as you recognize it, another demand is brought up. [They ask] ‘remove the word Islam from your constitution.’ It is like that. You must retreat bit by bit. It has no end. For years, I have said this many times to some of the officials who were tempted and scared. I said, ‘the American’s pressure would never come to an end.’

Khamenei (October 19, 2016) says: If you retreat in the nuclear issue, will your problem with America come to an end? No. Then there will be the issue of the missile. ‘Why do you have a missile?’ If they give up on the issue of the missile, then they raise the issue of resistance. ‘Why do you support Hezbollah, Hamas, and Palestine?’ If you resolve this issue and retreat, then there will be another issue. The issue of human rights. If you solve the issue of human rights and say ‘we act according to your standards in human rights’, then [they will raise] the issue of religion interfering in governmental organizations. Will they ever let go of you?

Saeed Jalili states: As for the issue of several centrifuges that are working under the supervision of the IAEA for peaceful purposes, they say they shouldn’t work. This obviously an excuse. One should know the excuses of the enemy. Because these excuses will never end. Who can claim that the enemy’s excuses will come to an end? [Some people say] ‘Now they are finding excuses. Let’s give them this and that. And then it will be over.’ What will be the consequence of giving up to excuses? Erosion of sources of power, not enemy’s excuses coming to an end. Sources of power will be eroded one by one, just because you give up to excuses. And when your hands are empty, they don’t need excuses any longer. Never should our national resources be weakened for giving up to excuses.

Khamenei (November 3, 2013) urges, America’s enmity with Iranian nation and Iran is not about the nuclear issue. It is wrong to think that America’s dispute with us is over the nuclear issue. If one day the nuclear issue is resolved, and Iran retreats as they want, the issue will not be over. No. They will raise 10 more issues gradually. ‘Why do you have a missile? Why do you have drones? Why are you the enemy of the Zionist regime? Why do you support the resistance in the Middle East? Why this? Why that?’ It is not the nuclear issue. Everybody must pay attention to this. We should not think that America’s enmity with Iran is due to the nuclear issue. No. It is something else. Iranian people have said no to America’s demands. Iranian people have said America can’t do a damn thing.