Rouhani’s failure budget plan

[In this footage, Hassan Rouhani is forced to respond to people’s criticisms of his budget plan for 2018. After the budget bill was sent to Parliament, people made a lot of criticisms against allocating money to unaccountable organizations. According to Rouhani, many non-governmental organizations receive money from Iranian treasury, but are not accountable to the government.]

Hassan Rouhani: You don’t know how happy I have been these days. You won’t probably believe it if I tell you how happy I am. When our budget bill was sent to the parliament, there was such a response to it on the internet. How beautiful! All people have entered the scene and are making criticisms. They are criticizing the Budget and Planning Organization, they are criticizing the government, they are criticizing the president himself. I thank them and kiss their hands. You must [criticize] your own employees.