Student questions reformist movement in Iran

[In this footage, a student slams reformist MP Pezeshkian and Omid Fraction in Iranian Parliament for their poor performance and not keeping their promises.] 

 –First Ms. Masoumshahi, then Mohseni

Masoumshahi talks of people’s miseries after the earthquake in western Iran: Pezeshkian, I am from Kermanshah, that courageous land of Kurds. I have seen heart-wrenching scenes that have hurt my whole being. A girl whose family were left under the rubble. Families who lived in caves and a landslide had taken the cave from them. An old woman who kissed people’s hands for putting a nylon over her tent. I saw people who still had hope. What have MPs from Omid [Hope] list done for them? If it weren’t for people’s help, who would have helped them?

Masoumshahi continues: Pezeshkian, answer our questions. What beautiful words you said before the election. But your new words have upset the student community. In Shahid Beheshti University, you said you don’t owe people for their votes? Certainly, you and all those on Omid list –existence or nonexistence of some whom make no difference at all- owe it to all those who voted for you. You must be accountable for your promises. With slogans and all ‘dos and don’ts’ that you talk about in your speeches, the issues won’t be resolved. You must listen to our demands and follow them up. Because if it weren’t for our votes, neither you nor anybody else from Omid list would be in the parliament now to look down upon the people.

Masoumshahi adds: Pezeshkian, did you go among people before the presidential election? If so, you must have seen hopelessness. It was because of ‘all-out efforts’ of the students that joy was brought back to the society. But what did we see after the election? Did we have female or Sunni ministers? At last, the 20th option of the president for the ministry of higher education was elected, and no one listened to us in this regard. And now it is us and a university that is going down. It is us and warning, us and threats, us and arrest. And it is us with starred students who were left behind the doors of the universities by the order of Rouhani’s Intelligence Minister. (Of course, students’ stars are their medals of honor.) If it were not for votes of students and people, then you wouldn’t call them incompetent when they chanted the slogan of ‘we don’t want incompetent parliament’ in Shahid Beheshti University. Pezeshkian, with Rouhani’s turn to the right and the performance of City Council, if MPs keep doing as they did while electing the ministers, then even Mohammad Khatami’s ‘we will repeat’ and Mir-Hossein’s ‘I vote’ will not bring people to ballot boxes any longer.

Masoumshahi concludes: Pezeshkian, we ask you to set aside being cautious and show a little of bit of courage. Listen to students’ demands and follow them up. And don’t be like other MPs who just keep posting Tweets. Pezeshkian, your clouds of hope darken the sky, but they never rain. Long live freedom!