Propaganda for Houthis’ ideology

[In this footage, a representative of Ansarullah propagandizes this movement’s ideology on Iran’s state-run TV.]

TV host: Our people in Iran do not know a lot about Yemen. They don’t know much about it. I want to ask you to briefly talk about Ansarullah. What is the ideology of this group? What are the characteristics of their school [of thought]? Talk about this for a few minutes, then we can deal with the recent issue.

–Let me congratulate the birth of the prophet, particularly to Khamenei and also to everybody in Iran. As for Ansarullah, since the beginning, they have been a popular, revolutionary movement, taken from the spirit of pure Mohammadi Islam. It was a zealous movement from the Islamic community, protecting the sanctities. Its slogans are ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’. And we always hear that. It is the enemy of enemies of the Islamic community and emphasizes on the dignity of the Islamic community. It is the movement that followed Khomeini and [unintelligible] and is standing against the U.S. arrogance. These are the main axioms of Ansarullah’s thoughts. It believes in friendship with all the faithful people and believes in brotherhood among the Islamic community. And it is the enemy of enemies of the Islamic community, particularly the arrogance and the dominance that the U.S. has in mind for controlling the economic resources in the region. And it tries to help the Islamic community. The issue of Palestine is one of the priorities for Ansarullah. It doesn’t accept the dominance of certain people on Islamic countries and condemns the U.S. and Israel. And that is why many states – the regional states that are the U.S. friends – resent it. One of the most important goals of this movement is opposing the instrumental use of religion and using it to serve the U.S., and also opposing the terrorism imposed by the U.S. This movement tries to implement the true Islam.