“No hopeful prospects for Iran’s economy”


In this footage from Iranian state TV news, Hossein Abdo Tabrizi, a prominent economic expert, and an analyst, currently serving as Iran’s current Minister of Roads and Urban Development, says that there are no positive indications at present of any forthcoming upturn in Iran’s economy.

The minister says, “Unfortunately, as always, one of our problems is the extremely difficult economic situation in the country, and it looks like it’s going to be a slow, slow road [to any improvement].

Unfortunately, at the current times when we’re speaking, we don’t have any good news about the state of the economy, and it seems that most meetings are spent in complaining and moaning. In this regard, I try to avoid this situation. I myself, during the past two or three months – a situation that might be unprecedented in the past 40 years – haven’t written about the economic situation; no matter how much I think about writing an article about it, the outcome is not positive and doesn’t help anyone. So I’m satisfied to participate in meetings to discuss university matters – having meetings, for example, about accountancy standards with lecturers. So I mostly attend meetings like that because really, when we want to get into discussions of the economy, we don’t bring any good news.”