No problems in Iran, the military progress as a sign!

[This satiric program is putting the IRGC commander’s words into the context of Iranian people’s lives who are suffering from high prices, and are losing their purchase power.]

Host: But before Agha’s [the leader’s] talk, the chief commander [of IRGC] stood behind the tribune of the lower level and talked.

Major General Jafari: In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. We thank God for giving us the grace of seeing the ruler of Muslims [Khamenei] – that elevated stature leading us at the time of long absence [of Imam Zaman]- in the beginning of the blissful month of Rabi al-Aval.

Host: To put in a nutshell, the Major General officially talked for 3 whole minutes in praise of that ‘elevated stature’. After 3 whole minutes, he finally said what he meant to say.

Major General Jafari: Just as it was predicted in luminous thoughts of [Khomeini], the blissful revolution is defeating the key trenches in the world.

Host: Imam’s luminous thoughts! This is where it has led us to! ‘We are busy defeating the key trenches in the world!’ What ‘key trenches in the world’? The chief commander talked such nonsenses for ten more minutes.

Major General Jafari: The great Revolution, thanks to your life-giving inspirations and wise guidelines, has not only destroyed the enemy’s strategic concentration in the heart of the world of Islam but is chasing the enemies in extensive fronts and in different dimensions of this battle between the truth and the falsehood.

Host: Well, of course, right now the world’s main difference with Iran is over who is truthful and who is false? Currently, they think that Iran is false. But it is good to see what has been the result of these ‘life-giving inspirations and wise guidelines’ of that ‘elevated stature’ within the country. Just this past week. Do Iranian people feel that they have ‘not only destroyed the enemy’s strategic concentration in the heart of the world of Islam but are also chasing the enemies in extensive fronts and in different dimensions in this battle between the truth and falsehood’? Or no?

IRIB reporter: Following people’s reports about changes in prices of some protein foods, we headed towards the market to see the condition of prices.

–How is the condition of chicken’s price?

–It has been 7 or 8 days that the chicken’s price is gradually going up.

–In past 2 or 3 weeks, it was 6,200 0r 6,300 tomans, it has now reached 7,200 tomans.

–From 6,300 tomans to 7,300 tomans.

Host: In one week, the price of food products goes up for 10%, in the very country which has defeated ‘the key trenches in the world.’ That very country! Now the question is if people’s purchase power has gone up for 10% in one week as well.

–Those who used to buy 5 chickens now have to buy only one.

–Each time I came here to buy 2 or 3 chickens, today I will just buy one. It is very expensive.

–Everything is growing smaller. When a guest wants to come to your place, you will evade if you can.

Host: These are the very people ruled by that ‘elevated stature’ who ‘rules with life-giving inspirations’ over them. They are poor! The price of chicken at 8,000 tomans per kilo is not expensive compared with global prices. But the point is that Iranian people do not have incomes. Unemployment, inflation inappropriate with their incomes and diseased economy have done this to them. This diseased economy is the result of those ‘wise guidelines’.

IRIB reporter: The head of fruit sellers’ union said, ‘people shouldn’t worry; the price of tomato will soon go down.’

Host: The economy has reached the level of tomato, which means that the price of tomato makes people worry and a news item is allotted to it on TV. Of course, these ‘wise guidelines’ have not just targeted Iranian people’s foods.

IRIB reporter: The hospitals are very old. Out of every 10 hospitals, 6 are very old. Deputy health minister complained about troubles in building hospitals in Iran, saying 60% of hospitals are very old.

Host: 60% of the hospitals in the country are very old – that very country that is ‘chasing the enemies in extensive fronts and in different dimensions of the battle of the truth and falsehood.’ They have been running the country for 38 years, and the result is very old hospitals for the majority of Iranian people who are poor.

IRIB reporter: Elimination of insurance coverage for an osteoporosis drug. The 60,000-toman drug has become 600,000 tomans. Food and Drug Organization announced the drug of Teriparatide which is very expensive is not as effective, and Supreme Insurance Council has removed it from the list of insurances. Meanwhile, the chairman of Rheumatology Association of Iran has considered this drug the most important one for those who suffer from osteoporosis, adding that ‘there is no other drug but this one for treating spinal disc fracture’.

Host: And this means that let those who don’t have money have fractured bones. They shouldn’t have ‘chased the enemies on extensive fronts and in different dimensions’. I am not saying it. He [Jafari] is saying it who is in charge of an organization that creates foreign enemies for Iranian people, has hijacked Iran’s name, is smuggling $24 billion of goods into the country and sells junks to people. This organization has confiscated the country’s banking system and industry. And for a fistful of money, it has ruined the country’s environment. And right in front of that ‘elevated stature’, he is talking about his successes and is proud of his record. Let those who don’t have money to buy drugs and medication go to hell! It has no impact on them.