Workers’ deterred condition, protest, and passionate words!

[This is a footage of workers of Haft Tapeh cane sugar company on strike. They have not been paid for many months. And now they want some of the company’s managers to be fire, threatening to extend and escalate their strike.]

Worker: So far, our demand was our salaries. We haven’t been paid for 5 months, even though we are official employees. The contract workers have not been paid much longer. Day laborers [have not been paid] much longer. From now on, we want Afshar gone. We want the sugar to be given from the private sector to the public sector. In so far as no one is accountable to workers of Haft Tapeh cane sugar company and their families, work is suspended in this company. From tomorrow, this strike will be taken to the governor office. We were five women yesterday, and we could create a revolution by closing the road. And its news reached the governor office and all parts of the country and ministry.