Alamolhoda insults British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson

[In this footage, Alamolhoda, hardline Friday Prayer leader in Mashhad, is using offensive language against British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. He recently visited Iran hoping that Iran would release British-Iranian dual citizen Nazanin Zaghari who was arrested in 2015. Zaghari was sentenced to five years in jail on charges of spying and trying to topple the Iranian regime.]

 Alamolhoda says: This evil British agent, British Foreign Minister, is by nature filthy. In British press, this Mr. Alexander Boris Johnson, since 2003-2004 that he entered the domain of politics, has been known as Boris the clown, Boris the womanizer, mad Boris, and Boris the liar. In 2004, he was fired from conservative faction for having illegal relations with different women and his lies. The British consider him a disgrace. And then when this lady became Britain’s prime minister, she made him her foreign minister.

Alamolhoda continues: And he is a filthy agent with bad records. And then he came to our city and our country for supporting two traitorous spies who had sold their country to the enemy. Then the powerful hands of the judiciary and security organizations had arrested them and put them in jail. He came here to support two spies, and said, ‘I have come to Iran to show my views regarding human rights to Iranians’.

Alamolhoda criticizes Iranian officials for holding talks with Boris Johnson: It was disgusting. And then these people [Iranian officials] held meetings with him, talked and had negotiations with him. Well, what is Britain? Which countries does it represent? He is the representative of a country and, in words of the supreme leader [Khamenei], evil Britain paves the path for America, and is source of all miseries of the nations of the region. These are words of the supreme leader about Britain. And he comes here as the representative of such a government.