Missile-launching warship joins Iranian Army’s Navy fleet


[An IRIB footage about Separ (Shield) missile-launching warship joining Iran’s Army Navy.]

 Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami: What was done here was completely local. All parts of this warship were prepared inside Iran with efforts, experience, and science of our dear colleagues in Maritime Industry Organization of Iranian Defense Ministry, with the cooperation of naval forces, universities and industrial centers of the country and the province. Naturally, what is done here under the name of naval forces is for training purposes. We are not faced with security issues in the Caspian Sea, and the Caspian Sea is the sea of friendship and peace. All our neighbors in this sea are committed that we together should provide security and peace for our people, the region, and the sea. What is practiced here is for training purposes given the presence of maritime universities in the northern sea. In the southern sea, we use this equipment for operational purposes. But here is mainly for training purposes.