Khomeini’s will: Keep armed forces away from politics!

[In this footage, Khamenei is reading Khomeini’s will in 1989 – a day after Khomeini’s death. Here, Khomeini prohibits armed forces from getting involved in politics. Right now, Iran Revolutionary Guards have a strong presence in Iranian domestic and foreign policies.]

 Khamenei: In my will, I do urge the armed forces to act according to the regime’s law which says the military forces shouldn’t be present in [political] parties, groups, and fronts. And armed forces – be it militaries, law enforcement, revolutionary guards, Basijis, etc. – must not enter any parties or groups, and must keep away from political games. As such, they can preserve their military power, and stay immune from internal conflicts. It is the duty of commanders to ban their subordinates from entering the political parties. And as the revolution belongs to all people and it is everyone duty to preserve it, it is the sharia and national duty of the government, people, defense council, and the Iranian Parliament to oppose it from the very beginning, if armed forces – be it commanders, or high-ranking officials and other ranks – want to do something against the interests of Islam and the country, or want to enter the political parties which will end up in their destruction, or enter the political games. It is the duty of the leader and leadership council to decisively prevent this issue to keep the country immune from damages.