Iran proceeding with missile production!

In this footage from a sermon delivered at the main Friday prayers in Tehran on Friday, December 8, senior Iranian regime official Ahmad Khatami confirms that the regime is continuing its missile-production program, despite international unease over it.

In his speech, broadcast live on the Iranian regime’s official TV news channel, Khatami said, “We have missiles and we’re also building and producing missiles, and we can increase our missiles range as far as possible. We’ve increased it from 1,000 kilometers to 1,500 kilometers to steal the peaceful sleep from the eyes of those in the White House, and we’ll take their sleep away from them

Khatami, who’s notorious for his threats and controversial comments,  has also stated previously that despite the 2015 nuclear deal signed between Iran’s regime and world powers, Iran still considers the United States to be the ‘ Great Satan’.When Barrack Obama was in office as US President, Khatami suggested that Iran’s President Rouhani should “punch the American president in the mouth” if he “talks nonsense.”  The senior regime official apparently has a penchant for mouth-punches, threatening previously to “shatter the teeth” of Iran’s regional rival Saudi Arabia.