Iran Navy unveils several military systems

[An IRIB report about Iranian navy unveiling its new achievements.]

TV anchor: Units of navy, air force, air defense and the second zone of IRGC naval forces paraded through the Gulf, displaying their power. Also, in Tehran, 8 new achievements of the Army’s navy were unveiled.

Reporter: Unveiling of achievements of the Strategic Naval Forces of Army of Iran in the fields of building vessels, torpedo testers, local fuel, controlling weapons and Nano cover for parts.

–We are making progress. If any of our equipment are in need of maintenance, repair, optimization, and building new equipment, it will be identified in the Navy’s Center for Research and Self Sufficiency, and measures will be taken for resolving the issue.

Reporter: Role 2 Simulator, with the capacity to enact all tactical scenarios in a simulated environment, can create special possibilities for the forces.

-5 operation rooms of vessels, just like the one you see here, will be simulated, and in these operation rooms, they can exercise in the form of friend/enemy.

Reporter: This education vessel which is the first of its kind in western Asia region is one of the most effective achievements for enhancing the forces’ capabilities.

–We have training capacity for 450 people to take them to the sea. What is more, this vessel can go up to 8,000 nautical miles.

Reporter: Mersad plan which provides the possibility of testing torpedoes is used for the first time by units of navy forces.

–We can say with certainty that the missile which is being loaded to be thrown into the sea is completely ready and will not have any problems.

Reporter: Other plans such as Raad missile tester and Damavand vessel were also unveiled today.

–We have gone beyond building infrastructures, spare parts, and major equipment, and today all our efforts are focused on using new technologies for confronting the threats.

Reporter: These achievements are the outcomes of experts’ efforts in ‘self-sufficiency jihad’ by navy forces, and have come to fruition based on conducted researches.

Reporter: Measuring the need and studying future are two principles playing the major role in unveiled plans of Strategic Naval Forces of Army of Iran.