Rally in capital of Yemen after killing ex-president


[In this footage, the anti-Houthis rally is appropriated by Iran’s state-run TV as pro-Houthis!]

 TV anchor: Rally and gathering of millions of Yemeni people in support of Sana’a’s national unity government are underway now. This demonstration is held by invitation of Secretary-General of Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement. People were invited to this gathering after the death of Ali Abdullah Saleh [Yemen’s ex-president].

–During this time, we tried to stop the invasion that is imposed on us from abroad. And the invaders did not stop their attacks. We contacted all, and you very well know who mediated and tried to stop this invasion and war. Brothers, let us tell you that we don’t want to take revenge, but there are some of these leaders who have had a hand in these conflicts. Let me say it again that we don’t want to take revenge, and we didn’t want it to get here. You, faithful people, wise people, united people! We want more unity, friendship, and mercy. Today, the security forces received the necessary orders from the revolution’s leader not to attack any houses, not to blow any houses, not to rape anybody, and do their duties.