Iran, Qatar, Turkey sign economic contracts

[An IRIB report about Iran, Qatar, and Turkey signing economic contracts and agreements.]

Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade: In recent Qatar’s international exhibition, a considerable number of important Iranian companies took part. This participation resulted in drafting agreements and contracts between important Iranian companies and Qatari companies. These relationships will continue, and we hope to exponentially increase our economic transactions which have grown 120% in past several months, increasing it to a higher level.

Qatari Minister of Trade and Economy: Recently, the amount of economic transactions between Iran and Qatar has had a significant growth, and there has been an increase in export of Iranian foods and construction materials to Qatar. Also, Iran has a significant role in transiting other countries’ goods including Turkey and Azerbaijan to Qatar by land. In these meetings, we emphasized on increasing economic transactions and also removing existing obstacles in expanding these relations.

Iranian Minister of Industry, Mines, and Trade: We had two important days. We achieved fruitful results in the meeting of the joint commission, especially by signing documents regarding technical and engineering cooperation between the two countries.

Turkish Economic Minister: We must adopt such a method of free trade among ourselves that it becomes a model for other countries.