IRGC’s “sacred defense” in Syria, Iraq

In this speech delivered on Saturday, November 26, the commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) praises the regime’s Basiji or ‘Mobilization Resistance Force’, the militia of plainclothes thugs used by the regime to terrorize citizens.

Speaking at the ‘Large Gathering of Basijis in Tehran’ held in the capital’s Khomeini shrine, IRGC commander Major-General Mohammad Ali Jafari told the assembled militia members: “We should appreciate the Basiji and we must work on the Basiji’s role to make their role more effective in various situations involving the Iranian Revolution The seed of these Basiji was planted by Khomeini, peace be upon him, and irrigated with the blood of the martyrs, and today the Basiji are led by the Grand Supreme Leader of the Revolution who, with his wise guidance and his conscientiousness, is advancing, so it has become a solid tree,  and this should be appreciated.

In Tehran, more than ten Basiji battalions, dubbed ‘Fatehin [Conqueror] Battalions were established, and later a large proportion of these battalions was dispatched to be deployed around the suburbs of the city of Aleppo in Syria, and the role of these battalions is very crucial and critical And while the great victory was celebrated recently by the nation, which means the destruction of ISIS’ rule was impossible,  after  the major deployment of Iranian and non-Iranian mobilization forces on these fronts, and of course with the decisive presence of Iranian commanders and experts who  conveyed the precious experiences of the sacred defence force in these arenas by Iran and Iranians and Iranian commanders in these fronts.”