Iranian Kurds’ horrendous plight

This heartbreaking footage shows a traumatized and desperate elderly Kurdish lady lamenting the conditions she is forced to live in following the complete destruction of her home in the recent massive earthquake in the  Sarpol-e Zahab region part of the predominantly Kurdish Kermanshah province.  At least 530 people were killed in the cataclysmic earthquake that hit the area on November 12, with at least 7,460 injured like many of the other traumatized survivors, this elderly lady lost everything and is still living in freezing winter conditions.

In the footage circulated widely on social media networks, the lady calls for bricks to raise her and the other victims’ pitiful tents above the ground to prevent them being flooded by mud and rain which seep in on all sides, while another lady nearby calls for help for infant children enduring unimaginable conditions.

She tells the reporter, “Brother, bring us bricks for our tents in order to raise them from the ground. I swear to God that the rainwaters are entering into every part of our lives. I swear to God we have nothing!  We are miserable. We are poor. Bring us a vehicle with bricks to raise up our tents so that rainwater won’t get into our tents. We are very miserable and poor. Help us! Look how we are stuck in the water, the rains, the mud – the water and mud have left us stranded and we have no way to leave. May the [government] have mercy on us, may God bring punishment on you!”

Another distraught woman left with nothing following the earthquake points to her tent, drenched and flooded with rainwater, lamenting, “There is a baby who was born 20 days ago. Inside every tent, there are babies who are one month or two months old – this is our situation.”