“If Revolution hadn’t happened in Iran”


[In this footage, Reza Pahlavi, son of Iran’s former Shah, is talking about what could have happened if the Iranian Revolution hadn’t taken place in Iran.]

 Reza Pahlavi says: Naturally, there is nostalgia when they hear their mothers and fathers compare the conditions of the country back then with now. And this might look like a dream to them. But, you see, the bitter truth is that if this revolution hadn’t taken place in Iran, then it would have been more likely for Iran to become like Japan today. But let’s say today if we would go back to 1979 and the revolution would not happen, then could we become like Japan in 20 or 30 years with this twofold population? Unfortunately, no. Iran had a big opportunity then, but unfortunately, we lost this opportunity. I am not saying Iran will remain a retarded, third world country. We will somehow manage. But the distance between us and the first world has become much more after the revolution. God knows, but some say that we have reached not the era of my father, but the early period of my grandfather.