Falahian, the criminal cleric!


[VOA Persian program, Last Page, deals with Ali Falahian, who was Iran’s Intelligence Minister during Rafsanjani’s presidency. He is wanted by international police in connection with the assassination of Kurdish-Iranian opposition leaders in Berlin, as well as in connection with bombing of AMIA, Jewish Community Center in Argentina. He is also known to be the “master key” to 1998 chain murders in Iran in which 4 dissident Iranian intellectuals were killed.]

TV host says: Ali Falahian is the only official of Iran who is wanted by Interpol on a charge of having a hand in two bloody terrorist attacks in two countries at two different times. One was the assassination of Sadegh Sharafkandi, Secretary-General of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, and 3 other people in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin 20 years ago.

TV host continues: And the other one is less than two years later, and it was bombing AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 18 July 1994, in which 85 were killed and more 200 injured. It seems that Falahian who is a member of Assembly of Experts today is still pursuing his plans overseas. Do you remember last year when the issue of infiltration of somebody called Mohammad Reza Madhi into the overseas opposition became such a hot issue? This Madhi who, in his own words, had gone from Malaysia to Germany, contacted us about 3 years ago so we would arrange an interview with him. From the beginning, we knew that he was most probably an agent, and we knew it for sure that he was suspicious. He said he was ready to talk about anything but Ali Falahian. And he had sent footages and pictures to prove that he was an important creature who had come to talk from within the regime. For example, look at this clip, which I think you might have seen somewhere.

Madhi: Haj Agha, take a look.

Ali Falahian: This is Abbas. He is king of Tehran.

Madhi: No matter what, he is my little brother. He is not that important.

Ali Falahian: No. There is no one above him. He has everything in his power.

Madhi: Abbas, give that to me. Thanks. May God accept your Haj pilgrimage. Haj Agha, what is your recommendation for me when I go to Haj? What do you want me to bring for you? What should I do to make you happy? And to make God happy too?

TV host continues: Ali Falahian, just like his deputy Saeed Emami and this very Madhi, does everything within the framework of the regime. In the case of interrogating Saeed Emami, deputy Intelligence Minister during Rafsanjani’s presidency, Saeed Emami has said – and I am quoting:

“I have never done anything without getting permission or without orders of the regime’s high-ranking officials. For a long time ago, 100 people, all together, were supposed to be executed. The sentence for eliminating 29 writers had become clear and was issued, and during Ali Falahian’s ministry, the sentences were implemented for 7 people. When the sentence for execution of Forohar was announced to us, we asked what would happen to these suspended sentences with regard to members of Iranian Writers Association. Haj Agha Dori said it is better to implement them more quickly, and they were implemented just as before, with this difference that instead of Falahian announcing them to us, Haj Agha Dori Najafabadi did the coordination. Even though Falahian was the sharia judge, he usually didn’t issue the sentences for eliminating the ‘enemies of God’ in sensitive cases. He received these sentences from Khoshbakht, Mesbah, Khazali, Janati, and sometimes from Mohseni Eje’i, and gave them to us. When the order for eliminating Haj Agha Ahmad Khomeini [Khomeini’s son] was announced to me by Falahian, I became distressed and even doubtful. Two days later, Falahian and I went see Mesbah. Mohseni Eje’i and Badamchian were there too. Later, Haj Agha Khoshbakht also came there from the leader’s house. All unanimously believed that no mercy should be shown to those who were enemies of the ruler of Muslims.”