Ahmadinejad’s era of inflation!


[A report about shocking inflation during Ahmadinejad’s presidency.]

The narrator says: The years of the 9th and 10th governments can be called the era of development in prices – developments that show the exact meaning of high prices. Under those two governments, the prices incredibly went up, and the prices of most necessary goods went through several hundred percent increase. The full gold coin in 2005 was 99,000 tomans, while in 2013, it reached 1,100,000 tomans, showing more 1,000% increase. U.S. dollar which in 2005 was traded for 902 tomans reached 3,200 tomans in 2013, with 255% increase.

The narrator adds: All domestic vehicles had 150% increase in prices. For example, Kia Pride was sold for 6,100,000 tomans in 2005, but in 2013, it was priced 16,500,000 tomans, with 170% increase. In 2005, gas was sold for 80 tomans per liter in gas stations, but in 2013, it reached 700 tomans per liter, showing 775% increase. Gasoline which was sold for 16 tomans per liter in 2005 reached 350 tomans, showing 2,000% increase. Electricity which was 16.5 tomans per kilowatt in 2005 had a 161% increase, reaching 43 tomans per kilowatt in 2013. Natural gas which was 10 tomans per cubic meter in 2005 reached 72 tomans per cubic meter in 2013, with 620% growth. Lamb’s meat which was 5,010 tomans per kilogram in 2005 reached 29,528 tomans per kilogram in 2013, showing 489% increase.

The narrator continues: Chicken which in 2005 was 1,350 tomans per kilo was sold for 6,250 tomans per kilogram in 2013 with 379% increase. Frist class Iranian rice which was 1,400 tomans per kilo in 2005 reached 7,200 tomans per kilo in 2013, showing 413% increase. Barbari bread was 75 tomans in 2005, but in 2013 it reached 500 tomans in 2013 with 667% increase. Liquid cooking oil was 850 per liter in 2005, but in 2013, it was sold for 4,600 tomans per liter with 440% increase. The cheese was sold for 600 Tomans in 2005 but reached 15,560 tomans in 2013 showing 2500% increase.

The narrator goes on to say: Egg in 2005 was sold for 890 tomans per kilogram, but in 2013, it reached 3,930 tomans per kilogram, which means 340% increase. Tomato was 240 tomans per kilo in 2005, but reached 2,350 per kilo in 2013, with 740% increase. Sugar and cube sugar which was 560 tomans per kilo in 2005 reached 2,350 tomans per kilo in 2013, showing 283% increase. Yogurt and milk which were respectively 580 tomans and 600 tomans per kilo in 2005 had 283% and 252% increase each, reaching 2250 tomans and 2150 tomans per kilo in 2013. Inflation mechanism of Iran and Venezuela started with the common slogan of bringing oil money to people.