New scandal: Making male head coach wear headscarf!

[In this footage, a recent scandal is discussed, in which the security guards made the male head coach of Thai girls’ Kabaddi team wear a headscarf to go into the gym.]

TV host says: This picture created a wave of severe criticisms towards the issue, and I saw that there were many comments. Such a picture is an insult to hijab, insult to law, and shows absolute lack of taste. Has the Thai coach been really told to cover his head and enter the gym?

–Mr. Rashidpoor, it is not like this at all. We are Iranians, and committed to our religious values. Before the matches, according to laws and regulations that exist in our sports system and in Asian and world federation, all predicted and required cases were communicated to all countries through international correspondence, and we told them that for taking part in these matches, they had to become present in Iran in accordance with rules and regulations in Iran. All countries had accepted it, and all had observed it, including women’s participation in matches with hijab and cover, and men’s absence in women’s matches while the matches are held. As for this case, after a few seconds, the security guards and forces immediately identified him, and led him outside the gym.

TV host asks again: I couldn’t understand at all what you said. Was he told to wear something and get into the gym?

–Not at all, Mr. Rashidpoor. That is not correct at all.

TV host: So that was his own initiative?

–Most certainly.

TV host describes the picture: So this is his own personal initiative and guards didn’t notice it. [In pictures] He is wearing pants, he is wearing jacket, and he is wearing a headscarf here. This couldn’t have been [not noticed].

–In all fields, if you pay careful attention, [you will see that] in all present teams in all fields, women get into the gyms like this. After a few seconds, this issue was resolved. And it was completely taken care of. TV host: This is more than 2 or 3 seconds, because he is wearing two different colors. And his clothes are different.

–He is wearing two colors?

TV host: Yes.

–Perhaps, he tried to enter the gym once again. And this had happened once again, and he had been led out of the gym. Several days ago, Ali Reza Karimi preferred the humanitarian medal of defending people of Palestine to the gold medal in wrestling in the U-23 World Championship in Poland. It shows that many of our ethical and religious values….