Iran is “fighting terror?” Who said that?

Criticizing the recent Arab League meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo at which the ministers condemned the Iranian regime’s regional interventions and warmongering in Arab nations, Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani once again claims implausibly that the Tehran regime is an innocent victim which is fighting the regional terror of ISIS and defending Arab peoples.

In this speech broadcast on Iranian state TV, President Rouhani said: “At a time when the region’s peoples have achieved a great success by eradicating ISIS, the foreign ministers of an old, worn-out, exhausted and ineffective organisation called the Arab League meet, and their only concern is to express regret because the Yemeni people [the Iranian-backed Houthi militias] fired a missile at Riyadh in response to daily bombing in Yemen. At the time when Iraqi people were captured by ISIS, where was this Arab League? At the time when Syrian people in Aleppo and Deir el Zour were decapitated by ISIS, where was this Arab League? On the day when the Yemeni people were under severe bombing – and are still, unfortunately, under bombardment – where was this Arab League? On the day in the mountains of Arsal in Lebanon, where the terrorists and al Qaeda and ISIS were dominating the area and were threatening the people of Lebanon, where was this Arab League? With all the oppression that Palestinians are experiencing, where was this Arab League? Really it’s very unfortunate that some people who call themselves Muslim and Arab gather together to express regret that an oppressed nation was able to give a tough response [an effort by Rouhani to imply that the missile fired by Iran’s Houthi proxies at Riyadh Airport was fired by the Yemeni people and not by the militias on Iran’s behalf], so all their regret was about this.”