The war of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad

[In this footage, Ali Khamenei’s words are used to explain the recent behaviors of Ahmadinejad and his men. Khamenei who once full-heartedly supported Ahmadinejad and his men is now blaming his own mistake on their ‘change of hearts’.]

Ali Khamenei brings a quotation: Ali ibn Abi Taleb says in Nahj al-Balagha that ‘some hearts were once straight and were moving on the right path, but then they returned.’ (‘Zeigh’ means upside down. In Quran, it means, ‘Oh God, do not make our hearts upside down. We understood rightly, so do not afflict us with misunderstanding.’) Ali ibn Abi Taleb says, ‘some people once moved rightly, but their hearts became upside down.’ Now, why does that happen? God doesn’t do injustice to anyone.

Ali Khamenei adds: It is our own fault. We become tainted with the world, tainted with unfitting friendships, tainted with ambition, tainted with cronyism, tainted with partisanship. Then our hearts become upside down. And we return from that right path and from that initial endurance. ‘Once they were healthy, then they became mislead.’ These are the blight. Such things must be prevented. From these things, one must seek shelter in God.